The SuperNoodle video player

The SuperNoodle Video Player

All videos in SuperNoodle stream via JW Player, our integrated video hosting and player service. JW Player is an industry leader in video delivery, with a focus on delivering high-quality video with minimal buffering across a wide range of supported technologies.

Are you having trouble playing activities? See our Troubleshooting the Videos article.

About the Video Player

The SuperNoodle video player automatically serves the highest quality video based on your available bandwidth. Our player prioritizes immediate, smooth playback with little-to-no buffering, and will adjust the quality you see to provide this. 

Video Player Controls 

  • Play/Pause: Click the button on the far left to play or pause videos.
  • Volume: Hover your cursor over the speaker to open the volume slider. 
  • Closed captions: Click the CC button to open the closed captioning menu. Choose English to turn on a caption overlay in English. Choose Captions Off to hide captions.
  • Full screen toggle: Click the button on the far right to place your video in fullscreen mode. To exit fullscreen, click the button again or press the ESC key on your keyboard. 

Video Quality

When you play a video in the SuperNoodle video player, the player begins with a lower-quality rendition of the video to give you immediate playback. In the first few seconds of playback, the player also assesses your available bandwidth. It then automatically selects an optimal video rendition based on your current bandwidth. 

Throughout playback, the video player repeatedly checks your bandwidth and adjusts your video quality accordingly. You may see changes in quality during video playback if your bandwidth fluctuates.

If your video quality is consistently grainy, your bandwidth is likely low; this can be due to a slow internet speed or a high-traffic network. See our  Troubleshooting the Videos article.
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