Troubleshooting Videos

If GoNoodle videos do not play correctly for you, try the following steps.

1. Verify your network is not blocking video served by or

If you see no video when trying to play a GoNoodle-hosted video, it's possible your school network is blocking our dedicated video hosting service, Brightcove. 

To fix this issue, ask that your network administrator do the following:

  1. Verify that your network is not blocking access to certain sites by IP, but rather using domain-level blocking.
  2. Whitelist the domains laid out in our technical requirements document.
Note: Your IT department needs to whitelist the secure versions of these sites as well as the regular versions. Ask your IT department to ensure that  https:// domains are also permitted.

2. Help your computer out: free up CPU bandwidth

Playing video requires not only internet bandwidth, but also performance from your computer. If your computer is older or isn't optimized for graphical performance, videos may stutter or freeze. If this is happening for you, close all unused programs and anything running in the background to ensure your computer is putting it's graphical processing power into playing video smoothly.

3. Optimize your connection speed

There are a few things you can do to address your internet connection speed:

  • If you're on a wireless network, try switching to a wired internet connection.
  • Verify nothing else on your computer is using internet bandwidth -- for example internet radio, streaming video sites, large downloads, automatic back-up services, etc.
  • Try a less-trafficked network if there are multiple networks available to you. High traffic networks can be subject to variable bandwidth based on the usage of your peers. 

4. Contact your network administrator

Internet connection speeds are almost always best addressed by your network administrator. If you find that your video buffers or suffers from low quality, you should talk to your network administrator about how to improve network bandwidth.

You can also test your network speed at a site like or  Network speeds below 3 Mbps may be too slow to properly play video content on GoNoodle.

5. Seeing Error messages?

If you are seeing one of the following codes, please contact

When you contact support, let us know:

  1. The browser and version you are in. or can give you that information.
  2. Which error message you see.
  3. If the error message occurs across browsers or is specific to a single browser.
For additional trouble, reach out to us at