Using GoNoodle During Virtual Lessons

Teachers - Do you want to use GoNoodle during your virtual lessons? You absolutely can! Here are some tips for some popular options as each tool will have its own sound and video controls. 


Follow these handy steps from Zoom to be sure the video audio is going through to your Zoom's attendees and not just your computer's speakers.

Google Meet

Try sharing only the Chrome Tab - not the entire desktop - as this will automatically share the sound playing from the GoNoodle video in that tab with the call's attendees. More tips here from Google.

Microsoft Teams

When sharing your screen, be sure to check the box next to "include system audio." This means that when you play the GoNoodle video, participants in the meeting will hear the audio! More tips here from Microsoft.

Do you use another tool where you have successfully used GoNoodle during your distance learning? We would love to hear about it and add your tips to this list. Please reach out to us at with the details!

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Still Having Video Call Quality Issues?

Video calls are extremely usage intensive to a computer, and when you add a video site to the mix it can get tricky. Every internet connection has its own bandwidth capacity - and there are many variables that affect the overall call quality due to these limitations. 

Here Are a Few tips:

  1. Close any programs and windows you are not using during the lesson. This frees up system resources that may help the call run smoother.
  2. Temporarily have attendees turn cameras off during GoNoodle time - some teachers report this helps call quality during video sharing.
  3. Here are some further troubleshooting resources for Google Meet.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out to us via or through the contact form. We would love to try to help you troubleshoot to see if we can get GoNoodle working successfully for you during your distance learning. 

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