Teachers Can Share GoNoodle Home

We have heard from many of our amazing teachers asking for help to share GoNoodle home to their students while schools are online-only or a hybrid or closed during this Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and we absolutely support this mission!

We do not recommend giving your educator account login information to your class for them GoNoodle at home. Educator accounts are meant to be used by grown-ups, therefore, they don't have the same safeguards in place for kids to use on their own as our free family apps.

We have free family access options you can offer to your students. Our family apps contain videos they recognize from school to get kids up and moving at home with exclusive content made just for home. Families can find us on many platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Roku, FireTV and Fire Tablets, AppleTV - all still free for kids everywhere. 

Share Links to Videos

You can share links to specific videos with your students in your virtual classrooms or through emails by using our share feature. 

These share links will allow others to view specific GoNoodle videos without the need to log in or sign up. Use this feature to make it easy for parents to try out your favorite GoNoodle videos, and encourage them to create free accounts to access the rest of the GoNoodle library.

How To Share an Activity from a GoNoodle Educator account

  1. Log in to your GoNoodle Educator account.
  2. Find the tile image of any GoNoodle video you would like to share.
  3. Click on the "Share" arrow. 
  4. The window that opens includes options to share directly to your Remind classroom or Google Classroom account. Plus, you'll find options to share a link directly on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest), and a link option to copy a URL to your clipboard to paste into emails or share in your classroom communication tool - like Clever or SeeSaw or Schoology!

  5. Your students and their families will see this in the browser when they click on a share link. No account sign up required!

The "Share This Activity" button is for GoNoodle videos. It is not possible to share interactive games (Bodyspell, etc.) or videos in the Added from YouTube channel inside GoNoodle.

How to Share GoNoodle via a PDF letter to Students' Families 

If you click on the three lines in the upper left corner of your GoNoodle screen (the menu) you will see a link to share GoNoodle with students' families. Click on this link and you should see this box: 

This letter will explain how students can use GoNoodle at home. While this will not have any GoNoodle Plus features or the GoNoodle Champs, students will still be able to access GoNoodle videos via their own family accounts. 

If you're having trouble finding this letter inside your educator account, you can also download either version by going to the following links:

Download the English Family Letter Here

Download the Spanish Family Letter Here

Our family experience does not have the GoNoodle Champs points feature as our Champs are a school-only experience in Educator accounts.

How To Use GoNoodle During a Virtual Class Session 

We've been seeing our awesome teachers talking about hosting some super fun Virtual Dance Parties with their students in addition to using us to help break up long virtual class sessions with mindfulness and calming activities. 

Here are some how-to tech tips for using GoNoodle with some popular tools (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams) as each tool will have its own sound and video controls. 

You can find more tutorials, custom backgrounds, helpful links AND MORE from us here: https://about.gonoodle.com/danceparty

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