Teachers Can Share GoNoodle Home

We have heard from many of our amazing teachers asking for help to share GoNoodle home with their students, and we absolutely support this mission!

We do not recommend teachers sharing their account login information with your class for them to play GoNoodle at home. Adult caretakers have the ability to create GoNoodle accounts for home use by clicking the "Create A Free Account" button in the top right portion of the navigation, and then, later, creating a Kid (At home) profile.

We also have free family access options you can offer to your students. Our family apps contain videos they recognize from school to get kids up and moving at home. Families can find us on many platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Roku, FireTV and Fire Tablets, AppleTV - all still free for kids everywhere. 

How to Share GoNoodle via a PDF letter to Students' Families 

If you click on the three lines in the upper left corner of your GoNoodle screen (the menu) you will see a link to share GoNoodle with students' families. Click on this link and you should see this box: 

If you're having trouble finding this letter inside your educator account, you can also download either version by going to the following links:

Download the English Family Letter Here

Download the Spanish Family Letter Here

Our family experience allows families to create multiple profiles for each child as well as track their individual Champ growth!

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