GoNoodle Advertising Promise

GoNoodle is committed to providing kids with activities that are fun, engaging, safe and appropriate. In order to offer GoNoodle as a free resource for families, we have kid-safe video ads in our family app experiences. 

We recognize the special responsibility we have when working with advertisers as well as with our marketing and community partners to ensure that everything kids see on GoNoodle connects to our mission and vision and is appropriate for children. We embrace not only the regulatory obligations and industry self-regulatory guidelines that help to govern our platforms but the commitment we all share to providing a safe, engaging place for kids.

GoNoodle is committed to working only with brands or products it believes are appropriate for children. We want our users to have a positive experience with GoNoodle, and that extends to the experience they have with our partners. We strive to only advertise products and services that may be of interest our family users. 

Advertising Creative Review

GoNoodle utilizes Google Ad Manager to serve direct-sold contextual advertising. GoNoodle conducts human review of all direct-sold ad creatives for age appropriateness and safety.

General Guidelines

All advertising and marketing must:

  • Be clearly labeled and distinguishable from content
  • Be appropriate for children.
  • Be truthful and not misleading, taking into account the limited emotional, social and cognitive level of our young audience

Safety and Tone:

  • The tone of all marketing should be positive and empowering.
  • Advertising must not frighten children or provoke undue anxiety, and must not depict unsafe situations.
  • Advertising must not contain violent and graphic content that is intended for adult audiences.


  • Advertising must not direct children to purchase a product.
  • Advertising must not suggest that children who purchase or use a product or service will be better than their peers, or that they are missing out if they do not purchase.
  • Advertising must not create unrealistic expectations of a product or service, or of what the child’s experience will be of the product or service.
  • There should be no suggestion that having a product will convey skill, prowess or other performance improvements.

In addition to the above, we have internal advertising guidelines and our public Content Standards and Sponsor Promise documents.

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