Technical Requirements

If you are having trouble using GoNoodle, check this document to ensure you meet all of our minimum requirements. This article can also be a useful resource to share with your IT department if there may be a network block. 


GoNoodle is designed for use in the average classroom. Our basic requirements include:

  • A computer that runs a modern browser.
  • A broadband internet connection that does not block GoNoodle domains.
  • A screen that all students can see (e.g., a projector, interactive whiteboard, or big monitor)

Supported Browsers

GoNoodle is designed for use with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 75 and above
  • Microsoft Edge 15 and above
  • Firefox 55 and above
  • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) 52
  • Safari 12 and above

We recommend using the most up-to-date version of your browser (and enabling auto-updates) for the best experience. If you're out of date, update your browser or switch to an alternative. We like Google Chrome. The four major browsers (and their updates) are free.

Cookies and Adblockers

We strongly recommend allowing the use of cookies on GoNoodle. If a user disables cookies, they may not receive the full experience of GoNoodle.  Read more about cookie usage in our Privacy Policy

Some ad-blocking software can interfere with video playback GoNoodle. We recommend disabling Adblocking software on GoNoodle for this reason. Here's how to disable AdBlockers in your browser.


A high-speed internet connection is required to access and stream multimedia on and in GoNoodle mobile apps. We recommend a connection of 5 megabits per second or higher for the best performance. To test your internet connection speed, visit or

Network Settings

If your network settings block access to some of the domains we use on GoNoodle, you may not be able to access our content. If you are having trouble playing content, reach out to your IT department and ask that they whitelist the following domains on your school's network or firewall.

Domains Related to the GoNoodle Application and Assets:

Domains Related to the GoNoodle Video Player in the GoNoodle Application:

For a seamless video experience, schools should permit the following URLs, as they are essential for accessing videos and associated features:


Both the regular (HTTP:) and secure (HTTPS:) versions of these sites need to be added to the network's whitelist.
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