GoNoodle and Ad Blocking Software

Sometimes ad blocking extensions like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus can interfere with our content and may prevent videos from playing.

Ad Blocking and GoNoodle

A pop-up window will appear when our system detects software that may interfere with GoNoodle functioning properly. If this is done while on GoNoodle.com, this will allow your adblocking software to remain active on your browser for all other sites besides GoNoodle so you stay protected across the web. 

Follow the instructions below to disable AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, and uBlock Origin. 

How To Disable AdBlock Plus to Use GoNoodle

To allow GoNoodle on AdBlock Plus:

  1. Flip the switch to the off position.
  2.  Refresh the page. 

How To Disable AdBlock to Use GoNoodle

To allow GoNoodle on AdBlock:

  1. Click the hand icon.
  2. Click Don't run on pages on this site.  
  3. Be sure Reload the page is checked.
  4. Click Exclude.

How To Disable uBlock Origin to Use GoNoodle:

  1. Click the extension's icon.
  2. Click the power icon to toggle the extension on and off for the specific website.
  3. Click the refresh icon.

Other Ad Blockers

Different blockers may look slightly different in different browsers. Look for an icon of a stop sign or a hand, often on a red background, typically to the left or right of the URL bar in your browser. 

The phrasing differs depending on your browser or the program you are using but will say something like "Do not run on pages on this domain", "Disable on GoNoodle.com", or may just require unchecking "Enabled on this site." 

Note: Be sure to refresh the page once you've changed your AdBlocker's settings. The error message should disappear, and you'll be able to play GoNoodle activities. 

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