About Classes

In GoNoodle, you can create as many class profiles as you need for each of the unique groups of students you see in a school week. You must always select a class before playing GoNoodle with your students. 

Class in GoNoodle

Each profiles has its own unique progress in GoNoodle. As such, each class can have its own:

When you create a new class, you are able to select the Champ you want to play GoNoodle with. You should create a separate profile for each unique group of students you teach.

Classroom Specific Items

Favorites, custom Bodyspell lists, and custom Word Jam lists are all classroom specific; that is, they only belong to the classroom you created them in. If you'd like to copy any of these over to a new classroom (even from a classroom you've already deleted), just let us know and we'll take care of it for you.

Custom YouTube videos are not classroom specific. When added, those are applied to all your classrooms.

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