Champs at GoNoodle

Champs are the primary motivation system in GoNoodle. Every time you play an activity with your students, you help grow your Champ. When you grow a Champ completely, you get to choose a new one.

Grow A Champ

Champs level up and grow every 10 activities. Your progress meter will increase each time you complete an activity. When your progress meter fills up, you'll see your Champ grow! Each Champ levels up 4 times. When you've maxed out a champ, you earn an award you can print and hang in your classroom or give to your students. The award can be viewed right away, but we also email the certificate to you.  You can then choose a new Champ to grow, or replay one you've grown previously.
Tips for Using Champs:
  • When creating a new class or kid profile, involve your students or kid at home, in the process of choosing their first Champ.
  • Your Champ will say something different each time you visit GoNoodle. Be sure to read the greeting!
  • To toggle between the champ saying and the progress bar, click the bar.
Note: There is no way to change a champ without graduating it. To change your Champ, you should either complete the champ or create a new profile in the classroom, or create a new profile at home.
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