Navigate and Find Activities in Educator Accounts

There are several methods for navigating activities in GoNoodle. Each is accessed from the menu bar at the top of GoNoodle.

  • Discover: Find new activities and recommendations based on your preferences. Refreshed weekly. 
  • Categories: Browse the GoNoodle library by purpose or benefit of the content. (Think "genre" in a music library.)
  • Channels: Browse the GoNoodle library by the "artist" of the content. (Think "artist" in a music library.)
  • Plus: Learn more about GoNoodle Plus (if a free user), or find all Plus content/features in one place (if a Plus user).
  • Favorites (♡): Access a list of favorite videos that you curate.
  • Search (🔍): Search by keyword and advanced filters. 

Each view is briefly covered below.

Pro Tip: Each view described below can be bookmarked directly for easy direct access. For example, if you wish to jump directly to the Category view when you log in, bookmark the Category page in your browser.


Discover is the first place you land when you log into GoNoodle. Discover is a dynamic page that changes with how you use GoNoodle and is updated weekly to feature fresh and timely activities. Scroll down this page to find activities you may not have played before.

Pro Tip: At the bottom of the Discover page is a "Pick for Me" button that helps select a random video from the GoNoodle library.


All activities are categorized by purpose or benefit. The  Categories view allows you to browse activities by these categories. You'll find five main headings: 

  • Curricular
  • Mindfulness
  • Sensory and Motor Skills
  • School Life
  • Movement Type

Note that categories include activities from multiple channels. Click the category button to view the content within that category. 

Note that you can also click the category label on any video tile to see all videos in that category.


Channels are collections of activities organized by "artist".

Click any channel name to see all activities in that channel. Hover your mouse over the channel for a brief channel description and a count of the number of activities in that channel. 


The Plus button in the navigation bar does two things, depending on your access to GoNoodle:

  • When you have access to the free version of GoNoodle, the Plus button allows you to learn more about GoNoodle Plus and start a free 30 day trial. Learn more in the Trial and Purchase GoNoodle Plus article.
  • When you have access to the Plus version of GoNoodle, the Plus button takes you to the Plus Home where you can find all the features of GoNoodle Plus in one convenient location. Learn more in the About GoNoodle Plus Home article. 

Favorite Activities

Favorites allow you to create a list of your class favorites and access them with one click. See  Favorite An Activity to learn more about using Favorites.


Click the magnifying glass in the top right corner to access search. You can search the GoNoodle library by keyword, as well as use advanced filters for duration and energy level. Search by any combination of the following:

  • name of video
  • channel
  • category
  • lyrics
  • subject matter.

Use the Filter by Duration and Filter by Energy Level  on the right side to further narrow options. Note that you can use these filters without entering keywords to narrow activities by duration or energy level alone.

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