Navigate and Find Activities

Here are several methods for navigating activities in GoNoodle. Each is accessed from the menu bar at the top of GoNoodle.

  • Homepage: The GoNoodle homepage is curated each week to align with the school calendar. It displays a variety of movement, mindfulness, and curricular content that is a mix of videos and downloadable activity sheets.
  • Topics: Browse the GoNoodle library by topic grouping — for example, Adventure Awaits is travel content, Chowtown is food content, Pop n' Bop is music content
  • Channels: Channels display serialized content by character, activity type, or, in some cases, moment in time in the school calendar
  • Activities and Routines: This content is sorted to help guide moments of transition at home or in the school day, as well as the yearly calendar 
  • Skills and Knowledge:This is a mix of curricular content sorted by skill and grade
  • Favorites (♡): Access a list of favorite videos that you curate.
  • Search (🔍): Search by keyword and advanced filters. 
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