Favorite an Activity

You can use the favoriting feature to create a smaller list of the videos your class loves the most.  Many teachers use favoriting to:

  • Create a shortcut to get to favorites faster without searching. 
  • Remember videos they'd like to use later.
  • Create smaller culled lists of videos to give students limited choice. 

Favorite an Activity

  1. Click the heart icon next to the video or activity you want to favorite 
  2. Click the heart again to remove a video or activity from your favorites list.

Find Your Favorites

  1. From the top menu bar, click the Heart Icon in the top right of the screen.
  2. All the activities you have currently favorited will appear. If you don’t have any favorites, this view will be empty.

Pro tip: if you want to skip directly to your favorites page upon login, create a browser bookmark to gonoodle.com/favorites. After you log in and select a class, you'll land on your Favorites page. This is even quicker if you allow cookies to keep you logged in -- see Fast Access to GoNoodle for more info.

Note: Favorites are profile specific. 
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