Navigate and Find Activities

When browsing for activities, there are several methods available for use. Use the navigation bar at the top of every page to quickly move between views. The view you are currently in will be highlighted: green in the top bar, white in the sub-menu.


Explore is the default view after clicking the Play button on the champ page. Explore features the newest GoNoodle activities. Use this page to see what's new, what's coming soon, and to find activities you may not have played before.  Paid sponsored content will also show up here.

In the Explore page, you can now filter by using the "View by" options at the top of the window to better refine activities.  You can view by length or energy level, as well as find activities you've marked as favorites.


Categories contain activities that fall into five main headings: Curricular, Mindfulness, Sensory and Motor Skills, School Life, and Movement Type. Activities inside a category will span multiple channels.  The video will have its category listed below it.  Click the category to view more content within that category.

Looking for ways to celebrate?  Check out Holidays under the School Life heading.  Want more stretching?   Look under Movement Type. 

Refer to our  Activity Recommendation and Reference Guide for more detail about how activities are organized.


Channels are collections of activities organized by series. Think of channels as artists! If you know you want to dance with Zumba Kids, you can go straight to the Zumba Kids channel.

Click any channel name to see all activities in that channel. Hover your mouse over the channel for a brief channel description and a count of the number of activities in that channel. 

Additional ways to find activities


In the top right corner of most pages is a  search option. Search to quickly find your favorite activities by name, channel, or category. 

Favorite Activities

To make it quicker and easier to get to the activities you like best, add them to your favorites!    The Favorite An Activity support article describes how to save activities to your favorites list.  You can access all your favorites by clicking the Favorites view in the Explore tab. You can also bookmark the Favorites page directly to make it faster to access.

Hide the YouTube channel and all YouTube activities

If your school blocks YouTube, you can keep the YouTube activities from appearing in your account. The support article  Hiding YouTube Videos in GoNoodle has more information.