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GoNoodle at School

General Info

What IS GoNoodle? How do I get around? Do you have printables?

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Sign Up and Log On

Get started with GoNoodle: the basics

4 articles

Account Management

Keep on top of your personal details: password, email, school, etc.

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Classes and Champs

How do champs work? What's a class? All about managing.

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Suggestions to help you find the best activities for your classroom!

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Troubleshooting and Tech Tips

Having trouble? Start here!

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GoNoodle Plus

All about our subscription-based portion: sign up, cancel, renew, content, customize.

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GoNoodle Content

About activities, sponsored content, and more

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YouTube videos on GoNoodle: troubleshoot, add, hide.

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Quick questions with quick answers.

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GoNoodle at Home

Sign Up and Log On at Home

Getting your child started with GoNoodle at home!

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Home Account Management

Manage email address, preferences, passwords, etc.

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Champs at Home

Home champs are a little different from school ones. Learn more here.

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GoNoodle Kids Mobile App

Our iOS app is out, and it's awesome! Learn more.

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Apple TV

Set up your 4th generation Apple TV for GoNoodle.

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Your quick questions, answered

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