Create and Manage Question Sets

Question sets are created and managed in the My Questions section, located inside of the menu. You can create as many question sets as you like, with as many questions in each as you like. Question sets are typically created for a specific topic or subject. 

Create Your Own Question Set

  1. Click the Menu from the navigation bar.
  2. Click the My Questions option.
  3. Click the New Set button.
  4. Name your question set, and click Create It.

Add Questions to Your Question Set

Once you create a question set, adding questions is quick.

  1. Open the question set.
  2. Click the New Question button within the question set.
  3. In the pop up, enter your question. Include a minimum of two options, with a maximum of four.
  4. Click to the left of an answer to mark it as correct. The grey Incorrect button will be switched to Correct. Each question must have at least one correct answer.
  5. Click Add it.

Repeat this process as many times as needed in any questions set. You can later edit, add, or delete questions as desired.

Manage Question Sets

  • Rename a Question Set: hover over the desired question set and click the pencil button in the top right corner. Click Save when finished.
  • Delete A Question Set: hover over the desired question set and click the trash icon in the top left corner.
  • Edit a Question: select the question from within the question set. Make any changes, and then save the question.
  • Delete a Question: hover over the desired question and click the trash icon on the far right.


  • Questions can have up to 100 characters (including spaces), and answers up to 50 characters. Character limits are required so that content in games will be legible to all students.
  • Questions must have at least two answer options.
  • Questions can have only one correct answer.
  • True/False questions: Add a true/false statement into the question field, and list True and False in the answer fields, leaving the others blank.
  • Sight words: List one sight word per question field, and Correct and Incorrect in the answer fields with “Correct” set as the right answer. During play, select “Correct” when students read the word aloud correctly.
  • Fill in the blank: Use underscores to create a “blank” in the question field.

Share Your Question Sets

You can share sets with other GoNoodle Plus users. If you know other teachers who are studying the same material as your class, you can add that user’s custom question set into your account. For detailed information on how to import another user’s question set, see our Sharing Question Sets article.