Content On Apple TV

The GoNoodle Apple TV app features many of the videos available on, as well as exclusive mixes and some reformatted GoNoodle games. 

Content on GoNoodle's Apple TV app

The video channels in the app are largely the same as the GoNoodle website, featuring Zumba Kids, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Kidz Bop Kids, Moose Tube, Fresh Start Fitness, Flow, Brainercise with Mr. Catman, Empower Tools, Maximo, Think About It, Awesome Sauce, and Indoor Recess

The Apple TV app includes a new version of Ultimate Champ Training, now featured as a channel. In the web version, this activity works as an interactive game, but in the app, it is optimized as video content.

Mixes are also new to the Apple TV app. These 15 minute playlists are based on themes, such as Kick Start Your Day, Funny Fitness, or Zumba Dance Party, and are perfect for various times in your day.

The YouTube channel and GoNoodle games (excluding Ultimate Champ Training) are exclusive to the web version, and not currently available on Apple TV. Our premium content,  GoNoodle Plus, is also exclusive to the web version of GoNoodle.

The GoNoodle Apple TV app features two different types of content: Mixes and Channels.


Mixes come pre-loaded on the GoNoodle Apple TV app. These are 15 minute collections of GoNoodle content, organized by theme. Mixes are designed to be the perfect playlist for any time of the day. They include:

  • Get Started - A great video for starters, introducing GoNoodle. 
  • Total Randomness - A random mix of the top 100 GoNoodle videos.
  • Kick Start Your Day - The perfect mix to get you up and moving in the morning.
  • Funny Fitness - Goofy songs to get you moving and having fun.
  • Zumba Dance Party - A playlist to dance along to favorites from Zumba.
  • Positive Vibes - Recenter with this calming, encouraging mix.
  • Quick Pick Me Up - Get your energy back with these videos.
  • Stress Busters - Calm down and de-stress before homework, after school, or before a big test.
  • Mega Workout - Get moving with this awesome workout mix.
  • Train Your Brain - These videos are great for coordination and brain challenges.
  • Wind Down Your Day - Cool down before bed with this calming playlist.     


Channels organize GoNoodle content by provider. Here, you pick the video. After your selection ends GoNoodle automatically proceeds to the next video in the channel. You can choose another at any time or continue until you've played the entire channel. Channels include:

  • Ultimate Champ Training - Coach Terry is your host for these fun movement videos.
  • Zumba Kids - Dance your heart out with modeled dance moves and slick beats.
  • Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dance and sing along to these seriously ridiculous songs.
  • Kidz Bop Kids - Dance along to awesome pop hits.
  • Moose Tube - Sing and move along with these a-moose-ing chants and cheers.
  • Fresh Start Fitness - Get moving with an awesome (and intense) fitness workout.
  • Brainercise with Mr. Catman - Challenge your body and brain with coordinated movements.
  • Empower Tools - Strengthen your body, mind and heart with these mindfulness videos.
  • Flow - Practice mindfulness and self-regulation while exploring attitude, stress, behavior, and emotions. 
  • Maximo - Stretch and rejuvenate with a marvelous monkey.
  • Think About It - Think, reflect, and set positive intentions for your day.
  • Awesome Sauce - Move along to epic songs about cookies, brains, and kitty high fives.
  • Indoor Recess - Move along to amazing mega-mixes