Getting Started in Educator

Welcome to Educator!

In addition to all of our awesome videos, Educators have access to educational games, several curriculum-focused Questions Sets that teachers can use to customize some of the games in Educator, and over 100 learning extensions that enhance the learning power of our videos.

Game On!

Game On! Channel is where Educators can go to access the movement games. 

Each game integrates into lesson plans whether you teach in the classroom, in hybrid set-ups, or in a full remote setting. These interactive games incorporate math facts, spelling words and STEM concepts.

A fun place to start is Body Spell

Utilizing kinesthetic learning, teachers can enter their spelling words into this popular game, featuring Blazer Fresh, as students spell their spelling words with their bodies.

Freeze It is perfect for lower grades and allows teachers to choose from academically-aligned categories like multiplication and geography. 

This is the perfect game to get the wiggles out as students dance as a reward for freezing and answering questions. Teachers can also use Question Sets with this game. Question Sets allow educators to customize select games with their own educational content, to engage students while introducing, practicing, and reviewing any topic.

Mega Math Marathon

Mega Math Marathon increases math fluency while students run in a virtual 26.2 mile marathon (in tiny increments, no need to invest in a new pair of running shoes!). The game keeps track of the classes’ miles and is a great way to collaborate with the Physical Education Coach at school!

Curricular Resources

We have put together these helpful resources, thinking through all the ways educators utilize GoNoodle. Our Questions Sets, Guides and Learning Extensions are ready for you to use!

Question Sets

Question Sets are how educators customize select GoNoodle Educator games with the questions and subjects that they use in the classroom! Allowing teachers to customize select games with their own educational content increases engagement with students while introducing, practicing, and reviewing any topic. 

Teachers can create Question Sets on their own and share with colleagues, or use one of our 100+ pre populated Question Sets in GoNoodle’s library, curated by our expert educators. Search by grade level and subject to quickly find the Question Sets right for upcoming lessons.


Guides are built around common school themes, like Start the Year Off Right! Or SEL Videos for National Bullying Prevention Month. We know that teachers have such little time for planning and often use their evenings and weekends to catch up. So we grouped three videos that had a common theme together for ease of use.

Learning Extensions

Filter by grade or by subject, Learning Extensions pair with a corresponding video, augmenting the lesson taught. There are over 100+ Learning Extensions for teachers to choose from on all major academic subjects.

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