How to Find Old Plus Activities Now in GoNoodle Educator

How To Find Old Plus Activities Now in GoNoodle Educator

Go Noodle Educator (formerly GoNoodle Plus) is now free for all educators! 

Educator accounts now have access to all videos, games and curricular resources that were in GoNoodle Plus!


There is no longer a differentiation between videos that were a part of the GoNoodle Plus subscription and a free account. Both Educators and home users have access to all videos.  

Educational Games

The educational games can be found in the Game On! channel. To access the games, follow these steps:

  • Log onto your Educator Account

  • Click the Channels tab on the top navigation bar

  • Click the Game On! Tile

Curricular Resources

Learning Extensions/Printables, Question Sets and Guides can be found under the Curricular Resources tab.

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