GoNoodle Games Leaderboard

Leaderboards = High Scores

  • Each game leaderboard has:
    • The top 50 scores for the game with the rank and username
    • The top scores for the player (if signed in) for the game with their rank

You Can Unlock This Feature by Asking Your Grownup to Create a Free GoNoodle Family Account! 

Already have a family account? Easy - click Log In to use your email address and password and you are ready to go! 

New to GoNoodle? Not to worry - you can create a free family account in just a few clicks! All we need is a grownup's email address and for you to pick a password and you are ready to go! 

Kid Profiles

Press "New Name" until you get a name your kid loves!   Be sure to choose carefully as you cannot change it later!

We take kids' online safety very seriously here at GoNoodle. Our kid profiles are created using a username generator that combines words from three safe sets to create a fun username for your kid to use on the leaderboards! No chance for personal info or inappropriate words to be seen or used by kids on our watch. 

Can I Change My Kid's Username?

No. You can delete the kid profile and create a new one to get a new username, but you will lose all previous high scores. 

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