How To Play Van Go Paint Like A Pro

Paint all the parts of the canvas to complete Van Go’s picture for each level - they’ll be bonus points if you complete the entire painting with time to spare!


Watch this quick video for how to play the game by moving your body.

Here are some tips for playing Van Go Paint Like A Pro:

  1. Choose the Play arrow button from the game start screen.
  2. Put your device down (on a couch or table) and step back so you can see yourself on the screen. 
  3. The target number of parts to be done for the painting to be complete will be shown at the beginning of the game. A progress bar is shown at the bottom of the screen so you can see how many parts you still have to go.  
  4. Each painting part will form part of a bigger picture that you’ll see at the end of the level. 
  5. You’ll collect points for each part of the picture completed in the level with special bonus points if you beat the clock and finish them all on time!
  6. If you fail to complete the picture for the level on time, you’ll lose a Champiwatt. 
  7. Be sure to avoid water droplets! If you hit one, the picture you have painted will empty, and you’ll have to start again.
  8. If you complete the picture for the level, you are rewarded with the painting reveal and a chance to pose for a picture within the gallery walls.
  9. Once the game is over, you can choose to play again! Each play will start over at Level 1. (You are able to see the highest score and level reached on the game's start screen once you've played at least one round.)
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