GoNoodle Apps and Apple Family Sharing

Do you use Apple's Family Sharing feature? Are you getting an error message like This app is no longer shared with you. You must buy it. when trying to add GoNoodle apps to your family devices? 

Our product testing team investigated this issue, and we found this is an issue within Apple's Family Sharing ecosystem. We do have some suggestions that may help you get unstuck if you want to try the following options:

  1. Delete the GoNoodle app from the kid’s device, then On the Parent’s Main apple device, Open the Settings app, tap General and then tap iPhone Storage. You will see all of your apps listed, sorted by how much space each app takes. Tap on the GN app and then select Offload App. This allows you to remove the app from your iPhone but it retains all of your data associated with the app. After the app is removed, download a fresh copy from the App Store onto the main parent device. This time the app should realize you are part of a family in which one member had previously purchased the app. Then re-download the app via shared purchases on the kid’s device and launched the app successfully.
  2. If it still didn't work after doing the above and you still the This app is no longer shared with you error: Delete the shared GoNoodle app from the Kid’s apple device, then downloaded it directly from the app store using the Kid’s iCloud account. To download the app successfully you have to request permission from the guardian/parent device. After approving the permission, the kid's device was able to launch and play the GoNoodle app.
  3. You can also delete the apps from both the Parent’s and Kid’s apple devices, then re-download the app on the parent’s device, then go into the kid’s device and download it from the Purchased/Shared section (by tapping the profile picture icon in the top right in the app store), select Purchased then select the Parent’s App list and download from there. 

If you find any other ways around this error message, please reach out to us at support@gonoodle.com so we can add them to this page!

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