Known Issue: Roku Parental Controls

GoNoodle is unsure why our app is getting flagged by the Roku parental controls, and we have reached out to Roku's team directly to see what we can do to get this sorted. 

Update 4/27/20 - Roku's parental control team let us know they have fixed this bug! The fix is found in the 9.3 software update that they are in the process of rolling out to all devices over the coming weeks. It's not possible to manually update to 9.3 so we'll have to wait as they roll out the fix to all devices soon. 

If you continue to have trouble after your device has updated to 9.3, please do let us know. We are keeping track of all reports of this issue, and we want to be sure our users are able to use GoNoodle on Roku without the block of the parental controls moving forward. 

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