How Body and Hand Detection Works

This screen is where our game technology detects where your hands are to make your body and hands the controller for the games! 

Some suggestions for making sure you get the most accurate hand detection:

  • Be sure to step back from the screen to where you will be moving around while playing before you try to place your hands in the correct spots. 
  • Try to move your hands slowly as the screen detects them. 
  • If you are too close to the device when this screen is on, your shoulders may get detected incorrectly as your hands. You'll notice this pretty quickly as you try to play. Just restart the game and try again! 

Camera access is required to play GoNoodle Games because your body is your controller! You move your body and hands to pop bubbles, dodge obstacles like sharks and bees, and even help Zapp fly through space - the camera enables this motion technology to work. 

So be sure to enable the camera when prompted. You can't play without it!

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