How To Play Om Petalhead’s Flower Power

Clear the weeds in Om’s garden by jumping and sweeping your arms, then chill out and do some yoga with Om... don’t forget to watch out for the bees!


Watch this video for how to play the game by moving your body.


Follow these steps to play the game by moving your body.

  1. Choose the Play arrow button from the game start screen.
  2. Put your device down (on a couch or table) and step back so you can see yourself on the screen. 
  3. Reach with your hands to clear the weeds from the garden so you can do yoga with Om Petalhead! (The more weeds you clear means the more points you earn.)
  4. Be sure to duck when a bee is coming to avoid losing champiwatts! (Champiwatts are the energy you have to play a game. If you lose all three - game over!) 
  5. Once the game is over, you can choose to play again! Each play will start over at Level 1. (You are able to see the highest score and level reached on the game's start screen.)
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