September 2019 Ambassador Challenge FAQ

What better way to spread the GoNoodle cheer, than by sharing GoNoodle Plus for all to hear!! Here are common answers to questions about our September 2019 Challenge for our Awesome Ambassadors!

What is the last day of this challenge?  

Monday, September 30th

When will I know how many credits I earned? 

We will confirm redemptions and update Ambassador Store points on Wednesday, October 2nd!

Where do I find my unique code to share with teacher friends?

It was sent directly to the email address connected to GoNoodle's Ambassador program. If you did not receive this email, please reach out to so we can get you your unique code. 

How does my teacher friend redeem the code I give them?

  1. If they don’t have a GoNoodle account create one at
  2. After they have logged in to their GoNoodle account, visit this page: and enter the code
  3. Enjoy GoNoodle Plus! 

How many Ambassador points can I potentially earn by completing this challenge? 

You can earn up to 100 points from this challenge! This is how it works:

  1. For each person who is new to GoNoodle that uses your code and plays a video, you will receive 5 CREDITS in the GoNoodle Ambassador store. 
  2. If they were already a GoNoodle user, you’ll get 1 Credit in the GoNoodle Ambassador store.

Help! My teacher friend is having trouble redeeming the code. 

Please email us at so we can help! (Please include your friend's email address for their GoNoodle account so we can look into it in our system - if you're able!)

Should I share my code with parents or only teachers?

GoNoodle Plus is only available for Educator accounts so this challenge is best shared with teachers only - not parents. 

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