Where are the Personalized Champs?

Personalized Champs were officially retired in October 2018. They are no longer available for family accounts or kid users.

Why? While we loved our personalized Champs at home, they were starting to feel a bit stale. Moreover, we heard from many parents who felt that personalizing a Champ often overshadowed the movement and mindfulness content at the heart of GoNoodle. We made the tough decision to retire the personalized Champs so that our small team can simplify our product and focus on three big things:

  1. Create a flood of amazing content that gets kids moving, and put the focus on that content.
  2. Bring GoNoodle to more devices.
  3. Encourage families to move together in a group experience.

You can learn more about the 2018 changes to the home version of GoNoodle at this blog post