What are Question Sets?

Question Sets are how you customize select GoNoodle Educator games with the questions and subjects that you use in the classroom! 

Question Sets (formerly known as My Questions) allows you to customize select Learning Games with your own educational content to engage students while introducing, practicing, and reviewing any topic. 

You can create Question Sets on your own and share with colleagues, or use one of our 100+ pre-made Question Sets in GoNoodle’s library, curated by our expert educators. 

Games that use Question Sets

  • Field Trip
  • Freeze It
  • Montana James and the Palace of Peril
  • Ultimate Champ Training
  • Think On Your Feet

How to Use Question Sets 

To use Question Sets, teachers have two options: they can start with pre-made sets found in our library, or create their own from scratch.

  1. The Question Sets library provides 100+ pre-created Question Sets written and aligned by curriculum experts. These sets can be played as-is, or teachers can copy them to their My Questions section and edit them as needed. The Question Sets library spans all core subjects including ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Health and all grade levels from Kindergarten to 8th grade, with an emphasis on K-5.
  2. Alternatively, teachers can also create their own Question Sets from scratch in order to align specifically with their curricula or their students' specific needs. 

Teachers are able to add images to questions. This is especially useful for teachers in lower grades where students are not yet strong readers, or for subjects that rely on visuals (e.g., geometry, geography)!

Teachers can launch a game directly from a Question Set. Visit a Question Set you wish to play, choose from the list of compatible games, and launch the game with the Question Set already selected!

Sharing A Question Set

If you are a GoNoodle Educator, you can share question sets you create with other GoNoodle Educators: at your school, in your district, or anywhere across the globe.. For teachers covering the same material, this is a great way to save time! The Question Sets teachers create can easily be shared directly with other GoNoodle Educator teachers. Teachers will find an easy way to copy and send each set’s unique URL to peers. Click How to Share Question Sets for full directions. 

Go Noodle Educator Games and Question Sets are not sharable with students using home family accounts. They are an educator-only feature. 

Example Question Set Topics

  • Math: Subtracting Decimals, Money: Dollars and Cents
  • ELA: Homophones (To/Two/too), Vowel Teams
  • Social Studies: Geography, Economics, Inventions
  • Science: Habitats, Planets and Space, Human Body Facts
  • Health: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity
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