Learning Extensions

Learning Extensions/Printables are curricular worksheets and activities based on GoNoodle videos only available to users with GoNoodle Educator. 

More than 100 Learning Extensions/Printables build on themes from GoNoodle videos to cover a wide range of subjects, grades, and skill levels. Subjects covered include ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Health. 

Learning Extensions/Printables are ideal for introducing a topic, practicing skills, reviewing a topic, and assessing students!

Where to Find Learning Extensions/Printables

Curricular Resources

The Learning Extensions/Printables tab inside Curricular Resources is where you can browse all of the available Learning Extensions/Printables by grade and subject!

Viewing an Activity

There is an icon in the top right of the screen when viewing activities that indicates when a Learning Extension/Printable is available!

When the Learning Extension/Printable icon is clicked, a window slides out to show the Learning Extension/Printable. Click the green arrow to download the activity as a PDF.

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