Where did Amp Your Champ go?

As a small team, we are deeply committed to spending our time working on features that make GoNoodle better for everyone. Because of that, we made the decision to remove the Amp Your Champ channel in July 2017. 

Our goal in creating Amp Your Champ was to give your classroom a highly personal way to move with GoNoodle—and encourage kids to get moving at home! Classrooms who were able to play Amp Your Champ with connected kids loved it, but many also ran into challenges that prevented them from enjoying it…

  • Getting kids to connect at home was difficult. Teachers are strapped for time, and kids’ access to technology and screen time at home varies greatly between households.
  • The technology to support Amp Your Champ was too complex. Making kids’ Champs dance along with videos in the classroom required more advanced technology and faster internet speeds that many classrooms simply didn’t have.

The videos will live on in an all-new channel starring the GoNoodle Champs, but the functionality of connecting kids to your class to see their personalized Champs is no longer available.

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