GoNoodle Educator Activity Recommendations

We have tons of great movement videos and games that incorporate academic concepts with  GoNoodle Educator, our site for Educators! 

To create the GoNoodle Educator activities, we worked with core subject experts to create highly re-playable movement activities that develop memory and fluency in math, spelling, and vocabulary. The result: teachers tell us GoNoodle Educator helps students perform better. 

You can even easily customize your games with questions just for your class using  My Questions. Here is a quick summary of the different GoNoodle Educator games that are available: 

  • For math practice, try Mega Math Marathon.  It's a really fun game that incorporates movement while learning!  And you can choose your grade level depending on which class you have that day.
  • For reading/vocabulary practice, check out Word Jam and Bodyspell.  Kids practice spelling while moving their bodies! You can even import your own words!
  • Freeze It is a cool game with lots of built-in questions on subjects like reading, math, geography and health. Kids dance until a question pops up and they FREEZE until they answer it correctly. You can also use My Questions to tailor it to your own curriculum. 
  • Field Trip takes the class on a journey, ducking, jumping and running to the destination! Once you reach the destination, you'll learn interesting facts about different topics. 
  • Think On Your Feet is a game show-style game where the class is split into two teams playing against each other. You can use My Questions or built-in topics like animals, food, geography, technology and more! 

All of these games are in the  Game On! Channel.  With GoNoodle Educator, you also receive additional content in existing channels, such as Flow, Moose Tube, Think About It, and more!

These links will work best if you are logged into your GoNoodle Educator account. You can login here!

If you have any specific questions about GoNoodle Educator, please don't hesitate to reach out to support@gonoodle.com. 

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