Special Needs / Slower Paced Activity Recommendations

GoNoodle is accessible to all kids of all different physical ability levels! Most of our dance moves in videos can be easily modified to get everybody moving and grooving, and here are a few of our suggestions.

For students with physical disabilities, we recommend browsing videos by category type.  Visit the Activities and Routines option in our toolbar to view the GoNoodle videos based on what type of activity you might be looking for.  

In Categories, check out the Freestyle videos. These videos are not focused on specific movements, but rather just fun goofy songs and activities.  Even a student who can complete a few physical movements will get a kick out of the videos (and will not be frustrated by not 'following along').  Within this category, try these videos:

The Think About It channel has videos focused on calming students down with thoughtful meditation.  There are few, if any, movements related to these videos, simply listening and thinking. Think About It contains lots of nice positive messages and great ways to settle students down. While many of them are a part of GoNoodle Plus, there are several free options as well! 

If your class needs a slower pace or more freestyle options, try these videos: 

Our Facebook page is another great resource where you can chat with other teachers like yourself to see what's worked well for them. 

These links will work best if you are logged into your GoNoodle account. You can login here!

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