Preschool Activity Recommendations

GoNoodle caters to grades K-5, so we don't have content specific to preschool, but we have many preschool teachers who use GoNoodle successfully in their classrooms. 

Some great videos for our younger audience to get their whole body moving and grooving are:

Check out the other videos on these channels too; they are all super popular with small kids. 

GoNoodle Plus  subscribers have access to more content awesome content including a variety of learning games. In these games, teachers can choose from pre-made sets of questions for their grade and subject, or they can create their own unique question sets.  If you'd like more information about GoNoodle Plus,  check out this article!

Our  Community Facebook page is another great resource where you can chat with other teachers like yourself to see what's worked well for them. 

These links will work best if you are logged into your GoNoodle Educator account. You can login here!

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