Music Class Activity Recommendations

Music Classes can get up and moving with GoNoodle too! Here are some suggestions: 

  • The Champ Harmonic videos are full of classical songs with super fun GoNoodle twists.  These are a great way to get kids up and moving WHILE exposing them to some great composers!  You will find these videos in the Champiverse Channel
  • "Indian Moonlight" in the Zumba Kids channel is a fun dance video with some cool Indian influenced music and instruments.
  • The Kidz Bop Kids channel has a variety of modern pop songs (with kid appropriate lyrics) that would be a fun addition to any music class!
  • NoodleTelevision (NTV) is a great throwback if you want to expose your students to some classics from the 80s and 90s!

GoNoodle Plus, our premium subscription service, offers a few more videos that might be helpful

Our Community Facebook page is another great resource where you can chat with other teachers like yourself to see what's worked well for them. 

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