About GoNoodle Plus

Take student engagement and achievement to a whole new level with core-aligned movement activities from GoNoodle Plus!

How Teachers Use GoNoodle Plus

Weekly Spelling

Bodyspell turns spelling into a full-body experience where students use their bodies to form the shapes of letters.  Insert custom words to practice weekly spelling lists. 

Math Fluency

Mega Math Marathon serves up grade and topic specific math questions, and students run in place while answering questions.  Throughout the year, students run a virtual 26.2 marathon next to their desks.


Several games like Montana James and Word Jam provide opportunities to explore and practice ELA topics.  Or insert your own questions sets to practice something specific.

Channel kid energy and stimulate learning

Without leaving the classroom, students participate in a variety of purposeful movement designed to get the wiggles out and refocus the classroom.

Integrate movement with core subjects

We worked with core subject experts to create highly re-playable movement activities that develop memory and fluency in math, spelling, and vocabulary. The result: teachers tell us GoNoodle Plus helps students perform better.

Enough content for the entire school year

Our GoNoodle Plus activities have a ton of unique content so students will stay engaged for the entire school year. Teachers especially love the customizable word lists in Bodyspell, the thousands of math questions in Mega Math Marathon, and the variety of 13 different categories in Freeze It.

Move through any subject

GoNoodle Plus users get access to Question Sets -- Question Sets allow teachers with GoNoodle Plus to customize select Learning Games with their own educational content. Question Sets help teachers use movement to engage students while introducing, practicing, and reviewing any topic. Teachers can create Question Sets on their own and share with colleagues, or use one of our 100+ pre-made Question Sets in GoNoodle’s library, curated by our expert educators. 

Note: Activities found in the Game On channel (Mega Math Marathon, Bodyspell, Word Jam, etc.) do not work on mobile devices or tablets at this time. These activities are playable only when using a desktop or laptop computer. 

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