About Limited Time activities and the GoNoodle Sponsor Promise

What is sponsored and/or paid content?

Sponsored content in GoNoodle is content that has been developed and created independently by GoNoodle but supported by a third party for a fee. Paid content in GoNoodle has been paid for and developed with a 3rd party for inclusion in GoNoodle for a limited time.  Paid content can be seen in the  Limited Time channel.   

Note: Short-term paid content will always have a countdown letting you know how long it's available.

Why does GoNoodle work with sponsors?

GoNoodle partners with organizations interested in supporting our mission to get millions of kids moving through fun, unique content.  Working with carefully selected sponsors allows us to broaden the reach of our mission and to keep GoNoodle free for school and home use.

Why is this content available for a limited time only?

The content we develop with sponsors is made possible via a short-term limited use license on the intellectual property presented in the content. 

How does GoNoodle decide what partners to work with?

GoNoodle is interested in working with quality partners who want to demonstrate a commitment to getting kids moving!  We work with organizations interested in promoting health and well-being of kids, and who share our belief that channeling the physical and emotional energy of kids into positive, healthy movement can help improve their performance in school.

What is the criteria for paid content in GoNoodle?

At GoNoodle, we're committed to maintaining a safe and appropriate content library that achieves our mission of getting kids moving so they can be their best selves. To that end, paid content in GoNoodle always conforms to our Content Standards.

Is any data shared with sponsors?

At GoNoodle, we value and respect the privacy of our users.  We do not sell, rent, or even share personal information with sponsors.  Sponsors receive aggregated information about plays of their content. They do not receive information that would identify a school, teacher, or student. 

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