Go With the Pro

Let a real US Olympian coach your class to the gold medal and introduce vigorous, attention-focusing exercise into your classroom. You'll train and race your way to the world championship in 13 different events, earning medals along the way!

Make sure you have Flash player installed and that you’re using a recent version. You must be able to view Flash content to play a couple of the GoNoodle Plus activities. Visit  the Flash Player download site to download Flash player, or contact your IT coordinator to enable Flash content on this website.


  • Give students vigorous physical activity.
  • Help students sharpen focus.
  • Reward serious effort with awesome outcomes.

When to Play

  • Start of the day.
  • As a reward for serious focus or effort.
  • After prolonged sitting.
Go With the Pro does not work on mobile devices or tablets at this time. This activity can only be played when using a desktop or laptop computer. 

Why This Matters

  • Exercise can reduce the effects of stress; while at the same time stimulating brain activity and increasing the ability to concentrate.
  • Tying real effort to improved outcomes helps kids understand the importance of resilience and giving everything -- even "play" -- their all.

Control the Medal

As the teacher, you control the outcome of the events in Go With the Pro using the arrow keys on your keyboard:

  • Click the UP arrow to increase the class's ranking. 
  • Click the DOWN arrow to decrease their ranking.   

We encourage you to use the arrow keys to motivate students! Have them give their all in order to get 1st place!  Use the up arrow twice to get to a gold medal, down for silver, and down again for bronze.

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