Turn the body into a dynamic alphabet and make spelling a full-body experience. The Blazer Fresh team has a spelling challenge, and your students must spell out word sets by making letter shapes with their bodies. Create your own custom word sets to practice your pre-defined spelling lists!

Note:  Bodyspell does not work on mobile devices or tablets at this time. This activity can only be played when using a desktop or laptop computer. 

About Bodyspell

Bodyspell was designed with ELA experts to help reinforce automaticity in spelling competence -- a critical component in reading comprehension. Practicing spelling and making it memorable makes it easier for students to improve phonic skills. BodySpell introduces and reinforces spelling and vocabulary through active movement. The repeated movements foster fluency and encourage words to be more connected in the brain, supporting word memory and recall.

Note: Bodyspell is a GoNoodle Educator game and is only available if you are an Educator.  Learn more about GoNoodle Educator! 


  • Develop grade-appropriate automaticity in spelling.
  • Help students get healthy moderate exercise.
  • Use physical activity to engage your classroom.

When to Play

  • Before or after a reading or writing lesson.
  • During your normal spelling practice!
  • At the beginning and end of school day.

Why This Matters

  • The speed and accuracy with which words are identified is a strong predictor of reading comprehension.
  • Giving abstract spelling concepts a physical form helps make the business of learning spelling manageable, fun, and memorable.

Quick Play

  1. Ask students to stand and get ready to move.
  2. Click Play!
  3. Choose your grade.
  4. Choose Auto or Custom Vocabulary mode. Auto gets you playing right away. To create custom vocabulary lists, see Adding Custom Content to Bodyspell below.
  5. Copy the movements on the screen and connect the movements to the letters.
  6. Continue through the list.
Tip: You may wish to adjust the difficulty. For example, if your students are performing behind grade-level according to Common Core standards, you may wish to select a lower grade level upon your first gameplay.

Adding Custom Content to Bodyspell

In Custom mode, you can create lists based on your own spelling words for the week.

To create custom lists, click Custom Vocabulary on the main screen.
  1. Click a line to start a new list.
  2. Type up to 20 words in the list.
  3. Click Save to save your list.
  4. From the Custom screen, click Exit to return to the main Bodyspell page.

To edit or delete custom lists:

  1. Click the list you want to edit or delete.
  2. Click the Edit button at the bottom to make edits. 
  3. Edit as desired, then click save. 
  4. Click the delete button that appears at the bottom left to delete.

Note: Clicking delete will remove your list. This cannot be undone.

Every time you play Bodyspell, you can choose to spell the words twice or once.  Click the checkbox on the main game mode page to toggle off or on.

Resetting Bodyspell

To reset the game, click Reset on the main Bodyspell page.  Resetting allows you to choose a grade again and deletes the progress you have made through the auto lists.  It does not remove your custom lists..
Note: resetting cannot be undone.
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