YouTube Videos FAQ

Please take care when using this feature. Unlike GoNoodle, YouTube content is not curated by us or always kid-safe. GoNoodle cannot be held liable for videos you add to your account from YouTube.

How do YouTube videos in GoNoodle work?

With the YouTube channel, teachers can utilize videos from to engage the classroom in healthy activity. The videos stream directly from YouTube, but within the GoNoodle environment -- which means your class sees none of the distractions of visiting YouTube. 

This is how you add YouTube videos into GoNoodle!

If I create a new class, do I keep my custom YouTube videos?

Yes! Any YouTube videos you add will show up in every class you create. You won't lose any videos if you create more classes; YouTube videos are account-wide. Create as many classes as you want, and you will have the same YouTube videos across those classes.

What is the YouTube limit and why?

We limit custom videos to 75 as more than that amount can start to affect other functionality on the site. 

If you already have 75 videos in your YouTube channel, you will see a message prompting you to remove some videos in order to add more. 

Can I organize my custom videos?

No. There is not currently a way to organize your videos in folders or by type. They are arranged in order from newest to oldest, and this is a fixed order.

If my school blocks YouTube, can I hide these videos?

Yes. This support article gives you step by step directions on how to hide all YouTube videos in your account.

Why do I see banner advertisements on some videos?

Because these videos are presented by YouTube's service, some YouTube videos may display dismissible banner advertisements. Ads are displayed if the publisher of that video-enabled advertising on YouTube's platform. GoNoodle has no control over the advertisements or the content therein; ads are served dynamically based on YouTube's ad-targeting service.

Note: banner ads that appear within a video can be easily dismissed by clicking the X in the top right corner.

Our aim is to keep GoNoodle a school-appropriate space. While we wish we could disable ads completely, we feel that offering a safe distraction-free space to view YouTube videos is still a strong benefit.

A YouTube video I used to love isn't in GoNoodle anymore. Why?

Because the YouTube videos in GoNoodle are published for free usage by third-parties, we have no control over the publishing settings of those videos. A publisher can change visibility permissions on these videos at any time, or remove them from YouTube altogether. If a YouTube video is removed from GoNoodle, it's because that video is no longer available for free embedding due to changes by the publisher.

What if my school blocks YouTube?

If your school blocks YouTube, the YouTube videos will not play inside GoNoodle. Even though the content appears in GoNoodle, it is actually being played from YouTube's servers. If YouTube is blocked in your school, you can:

  • Continue using the more than 300 GoNoodle videos and activities we host.
  • Hide YouTube content in GoNoodle so you don't see content you can't access.
  • Talk to your IT department about removing the YouTube block.

My school does not block YouTube, but I still can't see YouTube videos in GoNoodle.

The Troubleshooting YouTube article has more information.

What are some common YouTube videos added by Teachers?

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