YouTube Videos FAQ

Here at GoNoodle, we pride ourselves on being a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program. This means that our site has been independently reviewed, certified, and/or listed by kidSAFE to meet certain standards of online safety and/or privacy for children.

Unfortunately, a few recent changes to YouTube have made it challenging for us to monitor, predict, or control what content is embedded in videos via ads or other channel promotions. This change has resulted in a few instances where content that we would not approve of as being safe for children has been displayed before or after a GoNoodle video, leaving us no choice but to remove the YouTube feature for now.

While we understand that this may be disappointing, we hope to bring this feature back once changes have been put in place by YouTube and we want you to know that we took this decision very seriously and are doing what we feel is necessary to keep our content safe for children.

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