GoNoodle on Tablets and Phones

The teacher accounts at GoNoodle are designed for group play experiences: something the whole class does together around a shared screen. We've optimized for performance on school computers (Windows and Macs). 

GoNoodle provides limited support for tablets (iPads and Android devices) and phones. We do not have an app for teacher accounts.

On most mobile devices, expect that:

  • You can signup and log in to GoNoodle.
  • All videos will play.
  • Game On! or GoNoodle Plus activities will not play.
  • You may find other functions that do not work, such as the transmogrifier.

For our interactive GoNoodle games, we use Flash media format or HTML5. Flash media is a well-supported media standard on Windows and Mac desktops/laptops, but is not currently supported by many phones and tablets -- including iPhones and iPads. Likewise HTML5 is not supported by iPads.

We do not have plans for a teacher app at this time.

See our Technical Requirements document for more information.