Troubleshoot Game On! Activities

The interactive activities in the Game On, Go with the Pro, and GoNoodle Plus channels run differently than the videos. One may work fine, while you have trouble with the other. This article can help address issues you are having with interactive activities.

Troubleshooting Steps for Game On!

  1. Make sure you’re viewing GoNoodle from a laptop or desktop computer. Game On! activities are not currently supported on devices that won't run HTML5 -- like iPads or iPhones. We have converted all previous flash content to HTML5.
  2. Check your bandwidth speed. We recommend a download speed of 3 Mbps or higher for the best performance. Not sure of your connection speed?  Visit to test your connection. Talk to your IT coordinator about improving your bandwidth.
  3. Try a different browser. Does this happen if you switch to Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge?
  4. Try clearing your cache and cookies. Clearing the cache (or cookies) varies by browser. Follow the Clearing Your Cookies instructions for the appropriate browser to clear your history, then restart your browser by closing it and reopening. You will need to log in again to try using the games.

The activities are slow

As mentioned above, GoNoodle requires broadband internet access to play. We recommend a connection of 3 megabits per second or higher. To test your internet connection speed, visit

Note: your internet connection may fluctuate during the day due to traffic on your network.

We've optimized the Game On! activities so that most loading happens on the front end of the play experience. You will find that after you play for the first time, subsequent plays are faster because many of the assets are pre-loaded to your computer.

Tip: You may wish to load the games in the morning and leave them hidden in the background of your computer until you're ready to play with the class.

Information for your IT department

Provide this technical requirements document to your IT coordinator for a list of items that need to be permitted by your network filter as well as the minimum requirements for using the site.

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