For Network Administrators: YouTube Videos in GoNoodle with Content Filtering Software

Note: This support article is intended as a resource for network administrators and IT managers who control content filtering in school networks. This article is updated regularly as we collect feedback from additional content filtering software providers.

About GoNoodle is a classroom management program that provides multimedia activities for teachers to use in managing their classroom. GoNoodle includes both hosted content and content embedded from YouTube.

YouTube Content May Be Blocked By Content Filtering Software

Settings for content filtering software (like iBoss and Netspective) often prohibit the use of YouTube videos in GoNoodle. The YouTube video embeds on our platform are served over an encrypted protocol (HTTPS). GoNoodle uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure that all user data and passwords remain secure. Furthermore, YouTube's iFrame API requires us to serve their content over HTTPS through our platform.

Content filtering software often blocks YouTube videos served over HTTPS because keyword filtering is blocked on HTTPS sites. It is possible that your content filtering software can be configured to allow YouTube videos to play via secure connections. The best resource for configuring your content filtering software is the dedicated support system for your provider. However, we are actively collecting configuration details from the most popular providers in the Provider-Specific Configuration section below.

Provider-Specific Configuration


If your school is using iBoss, we recommend you add as an Allowed Website with the Keyword SafeSearch option. That can be found by logging into iboss and browsing to Controls > Allow Websites. After adding, you should see the (KW)flag, which denotes that the site has the Keyword SafeSearch option checked. If you have any problems with this configuration, contact iBoss Support at 858-568-7051 ext.3.

Google Apps for Education

Users who are on Google Apps for Education may see a message saying something like This is a modal window or Restricted when trying to play embedded YouTube videos on GoNoodle. This can be adjusted in the Google Apps for Education dashboard. You may need to scale your permissions to a more liberal setting.

More provider-specific configuration details coming soon.

Authorizing YouTube Videos on a Per-Video Basis

If you'd prefer not to re-configure the settings of your content filtering software, you may wish to authorize the embedded YouTube videos on a per-URL basis. In this arrangement, you would allow certain URLS while blocking the remainder of YouTube.

The About YouTube Videos article has the URLs for each of our YouTube videos. Videos are updated regularly; you may need to revisit this approach.

If your users continue to have trouble, reach out to us at
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