YouTube Videos in GoNoodle

Please take care when using this feature. Unlike GoNoodle, YouTube content is not curated by us or always kid-safe. GoNoodle cannot be held liable for videos you add to your account from YouTube.

You can customize your GoNoodle account with videos you love from YouTube!  This feature allows you to add activities your class loves and earn credit for your Champ while dancing along.

Add YouTube Videos from the YouTube Channel

  1. On, navigate to the video you'd like to add.
  2. Click the Share tab below the video.

  3. Copy the web address (URL). This should start with http://.
  4. Log in to GoNoodle and select a class
  5. Click Channels and select the YouTube channel.
  6. Click Add your own YouTube video button in the top left
  7. Paste the web address (URL) of the YouTube video in the first field.
  8. Tag it with an activity type -- either "calming" or "energizing."
  9. Click Add it.

Remove YouTube Videos

You can delete any YouTube video from your account at anytime. Reminder - This cannot be undone.

  1. From the YouTube channel in any of your classes, hover your mouse over any YouTube video.
  2. Click the trash can icon.
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete in the pop-up.  This will delete the video from all classes in your account. 

Important Notes About This Feature

  • The activities you add will appear in all classes on your account. It will not appear for other GoNoodle users.
  • The most recently added YouTube videos appear at the top, with older videos closer to the bottom. At this time, we do not have a way to sort or organize the videos.
  • You can only add videos from We do not support other video sites at this time.
  • We do not control the content in this channel. You are responsible for the appropriateness of the content you choose to add.
  • If a video publisher has enabled ads via YouTube, you may see ads on the video inside GoNoodle. The content in the ads is determined by YouTube. We have no control over the ads that display.
  • GoNoodle does not own the content published on YouTube outside of GoNoodle's YouTube Channel. The publisher of a video may choose to remove a video from YouTube at any time or disable embedding of the video, which means that your chosen video may stop working on GoNoodle. If you have trouble with a YouTube video you added to GoNoodle, contact Support with the name of the video and we can take a look.
  • You cannot add a YouTube playlist to GoNoodle.
  • We do not recommend adding a YouTube live stream to GoNoodle. It will not work properly. 
  • This feature is only available for Educator users.
Note:  Up to 75 videos are allowed to be in the YouTube channel at a time.  It is not possible to adjust this limit as it is essential to preserve functionality across the site.
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