Optimize Your Computer for GoNoodle

Seeing GoNoodle run slowly, stutter, or freeze? This article suggests methods for improving the performance of GoNoodle.

Factors That Affect Performance

While we're always optimizing GoNoodle on our end to run as best as possible on slow connections, there are many factors out of our control in how GoNoodle performs for you. The most important of those factors is your network connection and your computer.

Your Network Connection

To use GoNoodle, we recommend a network connection speed of 3 Mbps or higher. Your network connection speed determines how quickly things load, as well as how much buffering you may see mid-play on an activity.

Unfortunately, your network connection speed is not something GoNoodle can control for you; your connection speed is affected by your internet provider, the way you connect to your network, and concurrent traffic on your network. You may see your network connection speed fluctuate throughout the day.

Determine Your Connection Speed

You can run a free internet speed test to get an idea of your network connection speed. Fast.com allows you to run a test at any time. We're concerned with your download speed -- your upload speed doesn't matter, as you upload no information to GoNoodle.

Your Computer

Your computer also affects the way multimedia on your computer performs. Especially on older or slower computers, you may see video and audio become "out of sync" or videos fail to load. 

Ensure you meet the technical requirements for GoNoodle if you're having trouble and have concluded your network connection speed is above our recommendation.

Optimize Performance

Should you determine your connection speed is sufficient and your computer meets our technical requirements, but you're still having trouble with GoNoodle, you should try the following:

  1. Exit Other Programs or Websites that Require Network Bandwidth
  2. If you're running other programs or multiple browser tabs, you may wish to exit them. Running multiple programs or websites concurrently takes up more network bandwidth and computer processing, which can slow performance.
  3. Switch from a Wireless to a Wired Connection
  4. If you're on a wireless internet connection, you may wish to switch to a wired connection, if available. A wired connection may give you a faster, more reliable connection.
  5. Talk To Your Network Administrator or IT Manager
  6. Discuss your connection speed with your network administrator or IT manager. If your connection speed is lower than expected, they may be able to help you optimize your connection.
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