GoNoodle At Home

Make Movement Fun!

GoNoodle gets kids active with awesome movement games and videos. Run, jump, stretch, shake, wiggle, and dance -- it's free and super-fun!

Teachers use GoNoodle in the classroom to stay active, get the wiggles out, reduce stress, stay motivated, and much more! The same benefits apply at home -- help kids burn all that excess energy, get focused for homework or reading time, or just have active fun as a family.

  • It's Free! Any kid, anywhere, can create a free GoNoodle account and start using interactive movement activities at home right away.
  • It gives you over 250 research-based movement activities. We’ve designed all of GoNoodle’s 250+ activities to be healthy for the body, engaging for the attention, and beneficial to the brain in specific ways.
  • It's easy to play. GoNoodle takes no time to set up -- all you need is a computer and an internet connection. And GoNoodle is made easy for kids to navigate, so parents can get a break.
  • It's safe. There are no ads, third-party links, or inappropriate content on GoNoodle.
  • It's fun! It's our mission to make kids love being active. 

An intro to GoNoodle for families

Home accounts feature custom champs 

The Personalized Champs article has everything you need to know!

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