Give Your Kid Permission

After a kid signs up, they can request their parent's permission. Once permission is given, parents can manage their kid's password and  stay in the loop on their kid's usage and updates in GoNoodle.

Give Permission

Kids can include an email address when they sign up to send a permission request email right away, or they can add an email address later.

When a kid is logged in but hasn't yet received permission, they will see a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen. Click Ask my parents' permission on the yellow bar, then add a parent email address and click Ask Permission.

You will receive the email seen below. Click the purple button that says Verify [kid username], choose your country and input a zip code, and click "Let's go!". 

Once you give permission, you will receive two confirmation emails: one immediately after verifying, one the next day.  These emails help ensure that you, the parent, gave permission. You do not have to take any action with these emails; they are simply reminders to you.