Invite Students to Connect

For the most Amp Your Champ fun, invite Home Champs to dance along! 

Invite Students

You have several options on how to send home a unique class code instruction sheet with your students so parents can help connect their home GoNoodle accounts to your class. 

  1. Click Menu.
  2. Click Connected Kids. 
  3. Under the class name, click Get Class Code.
  4. A new window will open with choices on how to share: print a PDF, copy a link, or copy a message into another program.

Note: Class codes are specific to that class. Each class has an individual unique code. Students can join more than one class using those individual codes. 

Once parents have gone to and followed the prompts to enter the unique class code, their kid(s)' personalized champs will join Amp Your Champ in the classroom! You will see how many connections you have at the top of the Amp Your Champ channel page, and connected champs will dance along during the activity. 

You can manage and view connected students from the menu.

Note: Kids do not have to be verified by a parent email address in order to connect. We ask kids to enter their parent email address during sign up because we prefer kids have parent permission to play GoNoodle at home, but it is not a requirement for creating a Champ or connecting to Amp Your Champ!