About Amp Your Champ

Amp Your Champ brings your students' personalized home champs into the classroom.  Get kids up and moving with the champs they've built and linked to your class.

Using Amp Your Champ

Amp Your Champ has its own channel under the channels view. It features songs your kids already know (from GoNoodle and pop culture) with modeled dance moves they can follow. If your students have connected champs to your class, those champs will join the fun; otherwise, you'll dance along with favorite champs from GoNoodle.

Note: Amp Your Champ is not available on mobile devices and tablets at this time. This is a computer-only feature.

Connect Your Students

Amp Your Champ is fun with the GoNoodle champs you already know and love, but bring the fun up a notch by introducing your students' home champs to the entire class. Learn more about inviting students to connect and managing student connections.