Connect Your Kid to a Teacher's Class

If your kid was invited by his/her teacher to connect to the class and share his home champs with the class, follow these instructions to get started.

  1. Visit This page can be viewed on any computer or mobile device. 
  2. Enter the class code provided by the teacher. 
  3. Enter your child's first name and last initial.
  4. Optionally, enter a parent email address to provide official parent permission to play GoNoodle at home. 
  5. If your code is valid, GoNoodle will prompt you to create a kid account or log in to an existing kid account.
    1. If your child already has a GoNoodle home account, click I already have an account and log in with the username and password.
    2. If your child is new to GoNoodle, click Create an account and follow these instructions to create a new account.

Once you've logged in, your child can create a personalized Champ. Play activities to fill up the progress bar and unlock fun rewards used to personalize his/her Champ.

Your child's champ will appear at school when the teacher plays Amp Your Champ activities.  

When your child uses Amp Your Champ at home, all connected class champs will appear with your child's champ at home.

Note: Kids do not have to be verified by a parent email address in order to connect to classrooms. We ask kids to enter their parent email address during sign up because we prefer kids have  parent permission to play GoNoodle at home. It is not a requirement for creating a Champ or connecting to Amp Your Champ!
Note: Children can join multiple classrooms by repeating the steps above with separate codes. 
If you have trouble connecting, or have questions, click the Contact Support button at the top of this page to request help