Amp Your Champ FAQ

What is Amp Your Champ?

Amp Your Champ is a whole new GoNoodle channel full of videos that feature Champs that your students create and personalize at home. In these new videos, kids' Champs will dance alongside their favorite friends from the GoNoodle universe including the Hotdog, Mr. Catman, Blazer Fresh, and more.

When will I see Amp Your Champ in my account?

Amp Your Champ is in your account now!  You'll find the Amp Your Champ under the Channels view.

Where did my Dance Party button go?!

Don't panic! The Dance Party button has gone away because Amp Your Champ is taking its place.

I already had kids connected to my class from Dance Party. Will they have to connect again?

No! Kids who connected to your class for Dance Party will still be connected for Amp Your Champ -- no extra work required.

If my students connect at home, do they have access to all the channels that are used in the classroom or only Amp Your Champ?

Students who play GoNoodle at home have access to all the same channels available in the school version of GoNoodle, so they can play all their favorites like Blazer Fresh, Moose Tube, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, and more. 

For starters, the Amp Your Champ channel will be an exception -- it will ONLY be available in the classroom version of GoNoodle, but we're working on giving kids the ability to play Amp Your Champ at home -- that update will come really soon!

If connected students play at home, does that affect our class progress?

No! Your class progress is specific to your class. Students can play with their champs at home without affecting class progress. Similarly, when Amp Your Champ is made available at home, students can dance with other class champs and will not affect individual student accounts.

Can I play Amp Your Champ on my phone or tablet?

At this time, Amp Your Champ is for computers only. We are so excited about Amp Your Champ that we wanted to release it to our users as soon as possible! The technical requirements to make connected champs work properly on tablets and mobile devices are a bit bigger than those for a computer. We went ahead and released Amp Your Champ for our computer users while we continue to work on ways to make dancing with the champs a smooth process on tablets. Stay tuned: we are researching and working on the best way to incorporate Amp Your Champ on other devices.