About My Questions

My Questions is an exciting way to incorporate your classroom material into GoNoodle. Whether it be reviewing history questions, practicing spelling words, memorize times tables, or learning science questions, My Questions makes review fun.

Question Sets

The questions you create are arranged into question sets; these are groups of questions on a particular topic. You can create an unlimited number of question sets, with an unlimited amount of questions in each. Read more on creating and managing question sets in our Creating and Managing Questions article.

With one or more question sets created, you can choose to play the supported games using any set in your account. The game will present questions from that set in a random order.

Note: This feature is only available for GoNoodle Plus users.  Find more information on GoNoodle Plus content, subscriptions, and pricing in the article About GoNoodle Plus.

Compatible Games

My Questions is currently supported by five GoNoodle Plus games:

Games supporting My Questions are indicated by an orange banner.

Question format

My Questions uses the multiple choice format, but you can easily adapt it for other question formats.

  • True/False questions:Add a true/false statement into the question field, and list True and False in the answer fields, leaving the others blank.
  • Sight words:List one sight word per question field, and Correct and Incorrect in the answer fields with “Correct” set as the right answer. During play, select “Correct” when students read the word aloud correctly.
  • Fill in the blank:Use underscores to create a “blank” in the question field.

Share Your Question Sets

You can also share sets with other GoNoodle Plus users. For example, if you know other teachers who are studying the same material as your class, you can add that user’s custom question set into your account. For detailed information on how to import another user’s question set, see our Sharing Question Sets support article.

When to use My Questions

  • Test prep: Use GoNoodle Plus to practice topics for upcoming tests, no matter the subject, to bring energy and life back into drill practice.
  • Weekly review: Review key concepts from all subjects at the end of day Friday for a fun wrap to the week.
  • Refreshers: Create question sets to refresh on last week’s learnings on Monday morning, or on return from long holiday breaks.