Use Question Sets in Supported Activities

Turn five GoNoodle Plus activities into endlessly customizable activities featuring your current classroom topics with My Questions!  Custom question sets can be used instead of the preloaded content to give students targeted practice with content they are already studying.  Turn movement time into review time!

Supported Activities

Each of these games is located in the GoNoodle Plus channel. Click the game tile in the channel to begin playing.

Play a Supported Game with My Questions

The process for playing with a question set is the same in every game:
  1. On the the title screen of the game, click Play.
  2. Click My Questions for game mode.
  3. Select your question set from the list of available sets.
    The game presents all sets currently available in your account.

    Note: if you have more than 6 question sets, you can click the arrow buttons to see more.
  4. Click Play to begin the game.

    During gameplay, the question order and answer order will be randomized. The game will serve as many unique questions as possible. Should you see all questions in a single gameplay, the game will repeat questions until the gameplay ends.
  5. Use My Questions With Supported Games

    Think On Your Feet

    • A fast-paced quiz show competition for your classroom.
    • Incorporates a variety of simple exercises.
    • Practice listening skills as you follow Rob Rarker's instructions.

    Recommended Question Count: Between 15 and 45 questions on a set, depending on game length.

    Learn more about Think On Your Feet.

    Freeze It

    • Quick 1-minute sessions, 4 questions in each session.
    • Free dance allows kids to move however they’d like.
    • Includes built-in content across multiple subjects.

    Recommended Question Count: At least 4 questions in a single question set for each single play of Freeze It. 

    Ultimate Champ Training

    • Play for 2 to 10 minutes at a time.
    • Includes up to 30 different exercises for a wide variety of movements.
    • Practice following and interpreting direction.
    • Test your knowledge between short rounds of vigorous activity.

    Recommended Question Count: At least 5 questions for shorter sessions; up to 20 questions for longer sessions. 

    Learn more about Ultimate Champ Training.

    Montana James and the Palace of Peril

    • Competitive play: play as one team against a computer opponent or split the class into two teams. Correct answers determine the outcome of the game
    • Incorporates cross-lateral movement to activate both sides of the brain.
    • Game auto-saves progress: play as long as you’d like and pick back up where you left off.

    Recommended Question Count: Between 15 and 30 questions in a set, depending on question difficulty.

    Field Trip

    • Incorporate a fun burst of vigorous physical activity into any day.
    • Combine review with a variety of exercises.
    • Dozens of different trips to choose from.

    Recommended Question Count: At least 6 questions for shorter sessions; up to 20 or more questions for longer sessions.  

    Learn more about Field Trip.